Agenda 2020

08:30 - Registration

09:00 - Chair’s Opening Comments: Yasmin Arrigo, Digital Director, Campaign


Brand value creation means creating a brand promise of a valued, relevant, differentiated, trustworthy experience that is delivered consistently.  It’s all about value creation for customers and for the business. If brands do not create value nothing else matters.  The future of value creation by brands will come from the most creative, innovative and sustainable combinations of new ingredients, technologies and processes.  Value creation in the past was a function of economies of scale, mass production and repeatable activities.

But this notion of creating value has changed.

09:05 - Sustainable value creation: Creating and delivering promises of value to customers and to your business

Value is customer-perceived and right now it’s not just about offering consumers what they want – it’s defining a brand that gives them what they need whilst staying true to the brand!

 - Ethics are central to consumers new definition of value – how can a brand respond?

 - How consumer activism is increasingly driving purchase decisions 

 - Living by the values you preach

 - Creating and delivering a trustworthy branded value proposition 

 - Building a thought-leadership brand

 - Is it possible to create profit without creating value?

 - Branding to increase customer profitability and lifetime value

 - Short term sales activation ads Vs long-term emotional brand building campaigns

 - How to match your value proposition to your target audience 

Confirmed Speaker: Claudia Simms, Brand Director, DEPLOY London

09:25 - Successful brand positioning – being more brand aware and more experimental

Brand awareness and strategic positioning can have a greater impact on building brand equity than advertising promotions and brands that have more awareness grow faster

 - Establishing an emotional connection with prospects and customers

 - Choosing to focus on products that can have a sizeable impact, rather than appealing to smaller trends

 - Reinforcing your brands differentiating qualities

 - Creating value through a unique brand positioning strategy

 - How to position your brand in the digital age

 - Capture hearts by tapping into social causes

 - Playing the long-term game with a strategy based on disruption

Confirmed Speaker: Mark Kinghorn, Global Head of Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications, Vodafone Group

09:40 - From branding to bonding: creating brand value through compelling storytelling & content excellence

Building content marketing strategies to drive consumer conversations, inspire purchases and enhance brand value are key to any brand plan

 - Working with agencies to produce compelling and memorable content 

 - Speed, agility & engagement: how to solve the content conundrum

 - Delivering content at speed and scale

 - Using creative imagery

 - Creating the strategy, culture and processes necessary to achieve a successful content strategy

 - The importance of authentic storytelling and developing a brand voice to build out a community

Confirmed Speaker: Lizzie Barclay, Head of Marketing, LADBible Group

10:05 Networking Break

10:20 - The new models of brand building: creating brand value through multiple ways

Is it time that we looked beyond, and in addition to, the ONE model of brand building the industry has well documented evidence on? Perhaps it is time to articulate, and find evidence for, new ways that brands can be built

 - Reaffirming that the ‘Byron Sharp’ model is still the dominant force in brand building

 - Looking at brands in new and other categories that have emerged in the last two decades, and how they have built brands

 - Looking beyond physical mass distribution as ecommerce emerges in prominence

 - Using creativity differently in eliciting transactions, service innovations and enhancing experience

 - Exploring a framework which may be suited to different sizes of brands in different categories

 - The importance of the country for international brands – not every market works in the same way

Confirmed Speaker: Shekhar Deshpande, Head of Strategy, Facebook 

10:35 - Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings

12:00- Lunch 

BRAND PURPOSE: Rise of the purpose-led experience and purpose-driven business

Both legacy brands and disruptive brands in a range of industries are proving that putting purpose at the heart of what they do can give them a competitive advantage while also benefiting the planet. Aligning with a worthwhile cause can bolster reputation and create a lasting impact if done so correctly. It can engender a positive feeling among a customer base, who will feel good for choosing your ethical product. It can breed loyalty between customers, and staff, and the business and more than ever is important in creating brand value.

13:25 - The power of purpose in the age of ‘Conscious Consumerism’

Studies have shown that consumers prefer to buy from firms that stand for a purpose that reflects their personal values. eBay have built a company committed to human-to-human interaction, economic inclusion and empowerment for all, giving individuals from diverse backgrounds equal opportunity to launch their own business and immediately connect with millions of shoppers within the UK and around the world.
 - Having a well-defined brand purpose will be the competitive edge of the future
 - Socialised commerce & creating a new kind of retail journey
 - Analysing & harnessing the market dynamics of unique hard to find products & services, creating opportunity for all
 - Shop small business: Empowering communities and sparking local commerce
 - Combining purpose and business growth: Creating a win-win approach by building value for communities to compete on a global scale
 - Understanding consumer goodwill and how this can influence purchasing decisions
 - Providing valuable real-world lessons for businesses driven to scale profit and impact
 - Can you create a better world through a purpose-driven business and cash in on being good?
Confirmed Speaker: Sarah Helppi, Marketing Director, eBay UK

13:40 - Creating the right value combinations by championing diversity

In a world that is learning and growing through diversity, brands need to build cultures to scale.  It’s all about creating a diversity of ideas, driven by a diversity of people with a diversity of choice for consumers.  What if brands could become beacons for positive behaviour change?  Instead of brands trying to be relevant we should aim to be vital! Nottingham Trent University recently scooped the prestigious accolade of Guardian University of the year 2019 and is pioneering and blazing an impressive trail in equality, diversity and workplace inclusion.

 - Use what is changing to deliver on what will not

 - How telling authentic stories and responding to the issues that matter is defining what the university stands for

 - Pragmatic purpose: giving your brand a point of difference and a canvas to play in beyond rational USPs

 - Using student influencers to bridge the gap - adding authenticity to the ‘diverse & inclusive’ voice through micro-targeting 

 - Offering genuine brand benefit and demonstrating the brand’s commitment to diversity

 - Creating a champion identity and building a network of diversity champions

Confirmed Speaker: Emma Leech, Director of Marketing & Communications, Nottingham Trent University

14:00 - Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings

15:25 - Networking Break

15:40 - Panel: Be awake to causes – don’t be ‘woke: Brand safety and protection in a polarised world

In a time where the immediacy of social media can be leveraged to call out a brand in a matter of seconds, marketers need to back up their cause communications with authentic actions and ensure they have a plan to protect their brand.  Brands need to stand out and away from ‘purpose-porn’ campaigns and commit to a social, cultural or political stance with the right messaging.  Trust is everything for today’s consumer!

 - Are you a trust buster or builder? 

 - How to systematically and proactively safeguard trust in business in the connected age 

 - What getting woke means for brands 

 - Big data needs big trust 

 - Building trust in your brand

 - Understanding that trust is the message but transparency must be the messenger 

 - Strategies to ensure your brand is the safety net and catalyst for your business

 - Ensuring a level of continuity across strategic and operational decisions, as well as the company and brand tone

16:00 - Pre arranged 1-2-1 meetings


17:40 - The human connection: how can brands navigate the increasingly digitised business marketplace through micro-targeting and creating micro-communities to foster human connections with their target consumers in the right way?

Just as people expect brands to treat them like humans and not merely as transactions, they also expect brands to act more human. This means they expect the brands with whom they interact to embody human qualities.  Does the future of brand marketing then lie in understanding micro-communities and using social milestones to enter conversations that consumers care about?

 - Humanising your brand

 - Micro-targeting and the rise of the micro-influencer

 - Creating micro-moments

 - How can a brand be consistent in their actions and authentic in their intentions?

 - Brand Humanity - getting the right balance between automation, AI and marketing

 - How brands are refocusing their values to elevate the human experience 

 - Cultural relevance - creating experiences that are authentic and engaging 

 - Measuring the ROI of influencer marketing in shaping your consumer perceptions

18:05- Closing Remarks 

Day Two

09:30 - Chair’s Welcome Remarks


09:40 - Consumers are the real arbiters of value – How can you amplify consumer participation?

How emerging customer engagement strategies are unlocking new value for global brands. Brands are responding to and capitalising on the experience economy and live marketing strategies with real-time experience to bring brands to life while engaging customers and staying true to the brand.

 - Creating a dynamic two-way engagement across all stages of the consumer journey and the product life cycle

 - Participation is all about unleashing the power of the consumer as the brand advocate - consumers are becoming the brand ‘media’

 - Marketing the multi-sensory brand experience

 - Exploring the individual effects of brand experience

 - The rising demand for experience shows and touchpoints

 - Designing emotion – how to use design to move people

 - Don’t forget it’s still about selling – reminding customers to buy

10:00 - The Power of Hyper-Personalisation

In today’s world personalisation is a must, establishing goodwill and increasing brand loyalty.  Hyper-personalisation is a fast-growing trend and brands are scaling up on targeting consumers on their level.  Hyper-personalisation leverages AI, and real-time data to deliver more relevant content, product and service information.  It has the power to enhance the customer experience along the entire user journey.  This session will look at creating hyper-personalised strategies taking the customer relationship further by investing time into developing ‘personal’ brand values.  The concept of ‘segment -of-one’ branding has become widespread – it’s about connecting with customer values and creating brand affinity.

 - Using hyper-personalisation to target consumers in the digital age

 - The power of ‘me’: Focusing on more personalised experiences across the whole customer journey

 - Delivering satisfaction not happiness

 - Delivering better business outcomes

 - How to be a premium brand in the age of high expectations

 - Differentiation – they key to achieving ‘Iconic Brand’ status

 - Fuelling a growing taste for unique, value-added products and services

 - Delivering the future

Confirmed Speaker: Gerhard Fourie, Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy, Aston Martin

10:20 - Connected technology: balancing creative thinking and technology to benefit all customers

Connecting what technology can do to your future strategies and brand mission whilst benefitting your customers is key in today’s digital first society. Centrica Innovations are committed to ensuring innovation and technologies are embedded in the business to support their customers into the future.  This session will look at how technology can help establish your brand as a leader in transforming the way we live, work and move.

 - Embedding an innovative culture across the company

 - Using technology to bolster a customer-focused strategy 

 - Identifying and investing in the technologies and innovative ideas that can deliver new products, offers and services for customers 

 - Can you have it all? - developing a digital commerce platform built on a data-driven backbone and an enviable influencer ecosystem

 - How can tech help with brand messaging?

 - Digital Kinship: using technology to find and foster meaningful communities

 - Using sentient technology to recognise and respond to human emotions

 - What value do consumers see in digital versus omnichannel companies? 

 - Post-purpose activation & leveraging technology for good

 - Leveraging AI technology for automated experiences

10:50 - Closing remarks and close of event

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