Agenda 2019

27-28 June 2019              

Day One

08:30 - Registration

09:00 - Chair’s Welcome Remarks

Find your voice

09:05 - Why your brand’s voice shouldn’t be an afterthought

Does your brand have a clear purpose that lives and breathes through everything you do? Does it target your audience in a way that is meaningful to them? How can you make your customers believe and share your vision? Understand how creating a consistent voice whenever and however consumers come into contact with your brand can help them understand and connect with your product.

Anne Nosko, Marketing Director, Europe, Diageo 

09:25 - Be authentic – how marketers can emotionally connect with consumers

In the era of fake news and social media, consumers are quick to spot when brands aren’t consistent or being true to themselves. How do you break through the noise and connect with consumers on an emotional level while remaining commercially savvy? And, how do you know you’re doing it right? Hear how E.On built an emotional relationship with its customer through advertising, its own channels and live.


Scott Somerville, Head of Advertising PR & Campaigns, E.On 


09:45 - Define your DNA – How to create a consistent brand experience and measure its success


Many brands are creating deeper emotional connections with their customers through live experiences and digital touchpoints. The plethora of ways you can connect with consumers can help legacy brands maintain relevance and reinvigorate their position, particularly in crowded markets. This case study will show how broadening your brand’s presence can reinforce its position as a brand as well as provide you with ways to measure its success.

Piers Newson, Head of Brand Strategy, Direct Line Group 

10:05 - Networking Break

Keep it human

10:20 - Amplifying reach – activating partner brands

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc comprises of several separate divisions ranging from television, theatrical, gaming, digital to consumer products. The consumer products division of Warner Bros is one of the leading licensing organisations in the world. In this session you will learn how they can leverage the power of storytelling and huge fan base’s to expand reach through experiences, product and brand messaging. Using data to understand the different consumers and demographics, opening doors for UK and International opportunities.

Rachel Wakley, General Manager, Warner Bros

10:35 - Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings

12:00- Lunch 

13:25 - Thinking about a world without ads - bringing the customer to you.

We need to make marketing better. We need to make better marketing. Which brands survive over the next decade depends on which are able to become better. 

Brands are stood on a burning platform because marketers and their agencies are failing to re-invent marketing to reach and engage customers effectively. In this session, we will explore how to transform your marketing strategy and capabilities to re-organise around customers.

 Antony Mayfield, Founding partner & CEO, Brilliant Noise

13:40 - AXA's journey transitioning to a more human and modern business 

How do you transform a traditional corporate company into a human business fit for the 21st century? How do you take people with you, both employees and customers? What does this mean for your customer experience? AXA UK's brand marketing manager shares how getting buy in from stakeholders at all levels ensured his team could elevate AXA's brand experience to a new level across each of the way it interacts with customers.

Nathan Ashfield, Brand Marketing Manager, AXA UK

14:00 - Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings

15:25 - Networking Break

Be consumer centric

15:40 - Use your data wisely – the thin line between personal and over-stepping

Most brands try to use data to understand changes in your consumers. But do you really know your consumers? Often, marketers look for answers they expect to find, at least subconsciously. How do you make sure you examine the data you have objectively to make sure you really understand your customers? In this session you will learn about how to truly get to know your customers through the data you have. Our speaker will also discuss the dangers of data – how do you use the information you have without spooking your customers and what you should do when things go wrong.

Ed Duncan, Head of Brand and Customer Advertising, Smart Energy GB

16:00 - Pre arranged 1-2-1 meetings

17:40 - From communicating to connecting: the blurred line between digital and physical

As the latest technology blurs the line between the digital and the physical, we explore the new rules of brand experience. We’ll discuss how you successfully marry the offline and online worlds to create to successfully reach your target consumers. We will then take the conversation a step further, questioning how you appropriately segment and measure the impact each dimension has on your brand metrics before predicting what areas are worth investing in by 2020.

Simon Enright, Director Of Communications, NHS England

Anthony Clarke Cowell, Associate Brand Director, Holiday Extras

Gail Borley, Senior Manager - Brand and Customer Proposition, Boots

18:05- Closing Remarks 

18:10- Check-in/Relax

19:30 - Networking drinks in the lounge 

20:00 - Dinner

21:30 - Entertainment

Day Two

09:30 - Chair’s Welcome Remarks

Burst your bubble

09:40 - Step into the unknown – from simply selling a product to building a brand, from local to global

The components that make up brand experience are so varied that at times it can be difficult to know where to start. Hear how Quickbook's marketing team got the wider business to buy into it, even when ROI was not that obvious in the short term. And learn how – once they’d nailed it – they expanded their brand globally.

Alicia Skubick, UK Marketing Director, Quickbooks

10:00 - “Boycott the brand!” - how to react to external threats

Last year KFC took a major crisis – a shortage of chicken – and pivoted it into a positive experience. Hear what choices they had to make along the way. Do you need a moment of genius to turn a bad experience around, or are there techniques you can use? Does it only take one ad to make you one of the most successful brands of the year? 


Jenny Packwood, Head of Brand Engagement, KFC 


10:20 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Brand’s responsibility towards world issues

Do brands have a responsibility to discuss topics unrelated to their core business? This final session will look at whether brands can and should get involved in wider world issues. Does having purpose have to mean taking a stand on ocean plastic or sexual discrimination. Is it enough to offer great products, sell lots of them and drive returns to your shareholders?

Jenny Packwood, Head of Brand Engagement, KFC 

Matt Bushby, Group Marketing Head, Just Eat

Ed Duncan, Head of Brand and Advertising, Smart Energy GB

Scott Somerville, Head of Advertising PR & Campaigns, E.On 

10:50 - Closing remarks and close of event

Maisie McCabe, deputy editor, Campaign 

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