Emily Johnson

Digital Marketing and Social Strategist, Colwyn Foulkes


Emily Johnson is a Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist at Colwyn Foulkes.
Prior to this, Emily worked with creative communications agency drp, and digital marketing agency Keyhole Creative Media in PR, Social Media, and Communications.
She is both experienced in, and fascinated by, online and offline media. A media junkie for 12 years, creative writer for 17 years (no, really), and has been working in digital marketing for almost 5 years.
Her expertise is in growing brands, from start-ups to established companies, with a strategy that is unique to them and their objectives.

She is part of the generation who understands, lives and breathes the online world. Whether it is initiating and managing social media advertising strategies, brand formation, community management and growth, content creation, public relations, or knowing how to hashtag effectively on Instagram… the list goes on!

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