Richard Atkinson

Vice President – Advertising & Studio, Barclaycard


Richard is a passionate, creative and
motivated self-starter with enthusiasm at his
core. He’s a results driven leader, always
keen to produce strong creative output
underpinned by great results.
In over eight years as a leader, he’s
inspired, motivated and developed large
teams to deliver best in class and award
winning work across a plethora of financial
services products, retail partnerships and
well-known brands.

Richard’s Creative & Design Team at Barclaycard curates two-thirds of all marketing
content for Barclaycard in the UK covering ATL, direct response, brand and CRM.
The onsite team now consists of 60 full time talented specialists across creative,
production and client services.
When he’s not leading the creative power-house within Barclaycard, he works with the
Global Brand Team to deliver above the line advertising, building brand connection
with UK consumers.
Away from work, Richard is committed to helping local and smaller charities who often
struggle without marketing support. Richard brings his experience to charitable
organisations, helping them grow and reach their audience more easily.

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