Stephen Brown

Global Marketing Manager. The Absolut Company


"Marketing to me is a reflection of how people want to see the world. Which in itself is fractured by different prisms we live our lives.

It becomes essential to bring experienced marketers together with divergent skill-sets and backgrounds, to provoke thought outside of our norm, and ultimately helping us reach our own unique audiences. Drinks and Dinner in Windsor is just an added bonus."

Whilst studying physiology at university. A below-par rom-com empowered Stephen to change direction in life and focus on what is truly important. Not the study of the human body, but the stories that capture our mind.

Lady Luck has shined bright. Nearly a decade later; he has led projects across all facets of the marketing industry, whether in media, production, creative, or brand. Collaborating with blue-chip clients such as Nike, Google, Samsung, Disney, Adidas, and many more.

Stephen has now joined The Absolut Company as a Global Marketing Manager. Working on bringing the fabled Absolut Vodka brand story to life; across digital and innovation channels.

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