Tara Button

Founder, Buy Me Once


After spending 9 years in an editorial/communications role at various organisations, in 2013, Tara went from depressed spendthrift to fulfilled entrepreneur, using a technique she calls ‘mindful curation’.

It all started with a baby blue Le Creuset casserole pot which came with a reputation of lasting for generations and by owning it, she thought it could potentially mean never having to buy another pot again. ‘If only everything in my life it was like this,’ she thought - thus the idea of ‘Buy Me Once’ was born. In 2016, the site went viral. Thousands of e-mails started to flood in and BuyMeOnce was featured in almost every major newspaper in the UK.

Tara hadn’t originally realised it, but she had tapped into something that people all round the world were feeling. They were tired of our throwaway culture. Tara since, has now written a book on ‘A Life Less Throwaway’ and now speaks about her mission, business and philosophy to support small independent businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs by offering them brand development and marketing support.

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