Traditionally, the reason we stay loyal to brands is because of their values, and brands need to take back control by reimagining and repurposing their brand value.  It’s not about selling products & services vs doing good in the world – it’s both.  Brand value is the key to companies not just preparing for the future but creating it and needs to address different needs in order to build desirability – Functional, emotional, life-changing and social impact.  This includes emotive levers such as purpose, fairness, diversity and the environment along with research and technology to deliver a solid foundation and a brand that is profitable.  

Senior in-house marketers should apply for the chance to be inspired by leading practitioners and debate the big issues, while networking with like-minded peers and connecting with leading agencies. The event will take place on 28 & 29 May 2021

Please note, there are limited places available for senior, in-house marketers with an annual spend of £500k. Confirmation of acceptance to the event will be sent [to registrant] within a week of registering for the event. 

How one-to-one meetings work

Before the event, we ask you what marketing categories you are interested in. You then rate the agencies that are experts in these areas, letting us know who you’re most keen to meet. Based on your response, we create a personalised list of pre-scheduled meetings with agencies that impressed you with that they do! 

Apply Today - Take this opportunity to take a break from your day job: Re-imagine, Re-focus, Re-create; Brand Value in Today's World.....

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