Relative Insight

Relative Insight


Relative Insight was born out of a 10-year research project with Lancaster University’s linguistic and cyber security departments. In the beginning, we used language analysis to help law enforcement identify criminals masquerading as young people in chat rooms.

Today, we use the same methods to help brands and agencies like Unilever, Disney, P&G, R/GA, Havas helia and Publicis Media communicate more authentically with their audiences—focusing on statistically significant differences in the way people speak, and deriving insights from them that fuel sharper strategy and smarter communication. (And yes, we still catch bad guys, too.)

At our core, we believe that understanding what makes us different is essential to bringing us together. After all, isn’t that what marketing sets out to do—to connect people and brands in meaningful ways?

So we go out in search of white space—the golden nugget of inspiration that’s born out of comparison. No matter what we’re analysing, we’re always looking for a new perspective on a group of people. Luckily, there’s nothing that says more about us than what we say about the world around us.


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