Adam Morgan

Founder & Partner Of Eatbigfish, Eatbigfish

Adam Morgan is the highly respected author of ‘Eating The Big Fish: How Challenger Brands can compete against Brand Leaders’, a seminal work in the world of branding. It not only popularised the term ‘challenger brand’, but outlined a process for doing more with less whose principles have been widely praised and much imitated around the world. 

Understanding that Challenger is a state of Mind (not a state of Market) Adam works with 
businesses of all sizes using eatbigfish’s unique and seminal ways of thinking about both the development of distinctive brands but also the cultural conditions necessary to support them, reshaping how many large corporations have thought about structuring their businesses for success.

His ideas will challenge your habits and the formulas of the past, provide new ways to think about insight, sources of growth, and sources of meaning for modern businesses and the people who run them.