What can we learn from disruptors?

High risk, high reward; disruptor brands have been paving the way in reaching new audiences. Smart technology, lower prices, new conventions - they can leave some legacy brands struggling to fight back. But what can we learn from them?

The Campaign Brand Forum puts 6 disruptors under the spotlight to reveal new growth strategies around social commerce, data, content and creativity.  Sharing practical tips and new thinking, their insights can be applied to accelerate your own marketing strategy. 

Not all brands can change the world, but all brands can embrace the creativity and effectiveness of the disruptors.

About the Forum

The Campaign Brand Forum is a virtual event designed to combat your business challenges. Attend to engage in quality content sessions and networking opportunities with well known brands and agencies. Benefit from hearing about and sharing real life examples, case studies and results with your marketing peers. 

The Campaign Brand Forum, is a free-to-attend, two-day virtual event taking place on 29-30 June 2021.

Meet our speakers: 

Dom Dwight

Marketing Director, Taylors Of Harrogate

Hayley-Jane Doyle

Marketing Director, Seedlip

Katy Woodrow Hill

Global Head Of Brand, Depop

Olly Kohn

Co Founder, Jolly Hog