The moment every marketer joins a brand, we stop thinking, feeling or acting like our consumers.

It’s an annoying truth, as we know understanding our customers is the lifeblood of good, impactful decision making. Even more than that, it’s the competitive edge in marketing today.

Despite an array of performance and analytics tools, marketers are underserved on the important stuff - how our consumer thinks, what their purchase drivers are, how the fast changing world is changing them - it’s all out of reach, and often changing faster than you know.

Unsurprisingly, uncertainty and guesswork have become accepted industry norms.

That’s where Attest breaks you free.

We think customer-driven, evidence-based decision-making should be easy and accessible. It’s fundamental for all marketers, not just a luxury for only the biggest consumer brands.

So we built a platform that provides access to audiences of 100 million consumers across 49 markets.

You simply choose your target audience and add your questions. Then our three layers of intelligent quality control ensure you receive high quality, empirical research at the speed you need it. If you need a guiding hand, we have an expert team to help you to ask the right questions to the right people in the right way, producing data sets you can trust.

This is the fast, accurate and actionable data modern marketers need to make great decisions.

Less guesswork. More confidence. Delivered at the speed of change.

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